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Rectrix Aviation & Rectrix Aerodrome Centers are companies focused on the safety, quality, and service of its clients’ aircraft. Providing concise and exemplary services saves you time, energy and money. Rectrix Aviation offers a wide range of products and services to suit your current and future aviation needs. Rectrix is currently innovating the HANGARMINIUM™ concept, allowing you to own your own hangar.

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Rectrix Aviation

The whole world of travel is at your fingertips with our superior private jet charter service. In June 2009, Rectrix Aviation, Inc. acquired worldwide jet operating authority with the purchase of the New World Jet Corporation (Air Carrier Certificate #6RXA771M). Flights are tailored to meet your personal travel needs. Whether it’s the privacy to conduct business or the desire to just relax, Rectrix simplifies your travel. Fly where you want, when you want, in comfort and security aboard our luxuriously appointed jets. You arrive at the airport just prior to departure and our service to regional airports puts you closer to your final destination. Our in-flight crews are highly trained and experienced, and our FAA licensed maintenance crews ensure the highest standards of safety and security.

Traveling by private jet has never been more cost effective. Rectrix also provides aircraft management services.

So if privacy, convenience, comfort and security sound like the perfect way to travel, then Rectrix Aviation is the only way to fly!

Rectrix Aviation & Aerodrome Centers

Rectrix Aerodrome Centers

The fixed base operations from SRQ Airport in Sarasota, FL and HYA Airport in Hyannis, MA provide Rectrix with the opportunity to offer a solid home base for many travelers and pilots as well as a unique and superior “private terminal” experience with exemplary service and refined facilities. The aerodrome centers also offer a unique opportunity for those who own their aircraft. The HANGARMINIUM™ allows you to own and customize your own hangar space.

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“.aero” is exclusive for aviation use and was developed in response to the growing need of the aviation community to create a structured, open and constantly evolving Internet naming architecture which will help the aviation community to integrate systems and services, and streamline communications within the community and with its partners. The “.aero” suffix signifies you are in the aviation business.


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