What Our Customers Have To Say


5338-Whole Jet

“Maximum results and minimum worry…Rectrix allows me to make the most of my time; every time.” – NHL legend Bobby Orr


“If you want to travel in security, safety and the ultimate in comfort and elegance, I would highly recommend the Rectrix experience.” – Susan W.

“Very impressed! The staff is willing to go to any extreme to lend a hand with any matter. I would recommend Rectrix to anyone.” – Beau H.

“This is one of the Best FBO’s I have ever patroned. From Customer Service to Ramp Personnel to Facilities it is top notch.” – Michael B.

“I can’t even keep count of how many times this place has gone above and beyond for us. Rectrix makes us wish were based out of SRQ! Great staff and fuel prices, nice facility, lots of cookies and coffee- what more could a pilot ask for?” – Derek V.

“Great People, Great Service, Great Facilities.” – Tim S.

“This is the best FBO in the nation. These folks are in a class by themselves. No other matches their service. What a pleasure to do business with Rectrix.” – Charles  L.

“We have used Rectrix repeatedly and we are always pleased with the service we receive. Keep up the good work!” – Damon G.

“I have to say that out of all the FBO’s that I fly into, Rectrix is top notch. The pilot rest facilities are awesome as well as all of the amenities at no additional cost. Keep up the good work! By the way, anytime I know someone that is flying to SRQ, I always recommend Rectrix!” – Nathan C.

“From arrival to departure, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the services and facilities at Rectrix.” – George S.

“Best FBO we have ever visited. We will definitely return when in the area. Wish other FBOs across the country would use Rectrix as an operating example.” – Rex D.


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