Passport Jet Membership

Passport Jet Membership

The Passport Jet Membership by Rectrix offers you the best features of a jet card and traditional charter in one simple package. Members are assured of guaranteed pricing and availability for the aircraft size they want – when and where they need it. Members have fixed hourly pricing on Rectrix owned aircraft.

Benefits of the Passport Membership

  • Use of Rectrix owned aircraft. Not dealing with brokers or third party vendors equals cost savings passed along to you
  • Ability to use different aircraft types with no penalty
  • Membership allows payment on alternative aircraft
  • Guaranteed aircraft availability
  • Affordable membership fee
  • Locked in hourly rates
  • Eligible to book 24/7
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Peak Day fees waived for first year of membership
  • Free standard catering
  • Corporate Membership allows multiple employees to use a jet charter
  • Cancel anytime with no penalties

The Passport Membership does not require a significant up-front financial or long term commitment like a traditional jet card program. With Rectrix, you become a member of our club. With a Passport Membership, you purchase an account credit that can be used for flight hours on an Rectrix aircraft. A member is charged the hourly rate of the flights against your purchased amount. Access to lower hourly rates and other benefits increase with the size of your purchase. An individual or corporate membership with Rectrix means privacy, convenience, comfort and security.

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