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Rectrix provides industry leading services and facilities to accommodate your current and future needs.

Benefits of private aviation

  • Flexibility – You are not tied to an airline schedule. Schedule your flights in accordance with your agenda, allowing for more efficient use of your time. Your private jet waits for you on the ramp.
  • Privacy – You have the comfort and privacy you need to conduct business or just relax aboard your private jet. Avoid all the hassles and headaches associated with airline travel that make it difficult to conduct business and prevent you from being fully productive.
  • Simplicity – You can select the type of jet aircraft best suited for your trip based on the number of people traveling, length of the flight, and available amenities. You do not spend your valuable time dealing with tedious airport and airline procedures.
  • Safety – Your safety and security are our top priorities. Our highly skilled pilots, maintenance technicians and management personnel comply with the strictest FAA requirements.

Ownership Options

  • Full Ownership – You own or lease the aircraft and are responsible for all aspects (crew, maintenance etc.) which is most often outsourced to a company such as Rectrix Aviation & Aerodrome Centers. As the owner you may also allow the aircraft to be charted to lower full ownership costs.  Full ownership is the pinnacle of freedom and mobility.
  • Fractional Ownership – You own/buy a portion of the aircraft and are guaranteed certain usage rights as an owner within your agreement. Monthly maintenance fees and minimal hourly occupied fees are also usually charged. You have access to a range of planes as provided by your fractional ownership provider. After your agreement term is up you may sell back your share of the jet to the organization for a fair market value.
  • Card Programs (Time/Charter) – These plans are agreements for the aviation provider to offer you blocks of time to be used, it’s similar to a debit card.  The programs are usually used for a lower frequency traveler with packages generating around 25-30 hours of flying time.  This option can be on a specific plane or open to a fleet of planes.
  • Charter Services/On-Demand – Chartering a plane amounts to quoting out each individual trip, where there are no guarantees until the travel is booked. Charges are usually quoted as an hourly fee for operations based on destination travel times.

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