Exotic Destinations

With access to more than five thousand airports compared to less than five hundred served by the scheduled commercial airlines, you can arrive at your destination faster giving you more time to enjoy your travels.


Private Charter to Asia

Asia presents a rich tapestry of ancient traditions, interesting cultures and breathtaking sights. From thoroughly cosmopolitan Hong Kong to the temples and palaces of Bangkok to the magnificent Taj Mahal in India, it is a complex and fascinating region.

Visit: Cambodia, China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai), India, Indonesia (Bali), Japan (Tokyo), Nepal, Singapore, South Korea (Seoul), Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam.

Australia and Pacific

Private Charter to Australia

A “Down Under” vacation brings you close to the dazzling scenic beauty of Australia and New Zealand. Explore Maori villages, sophisticated cities and wildlife parks, or take an excursion to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkeling, scuba diving or sailing. Many itineraries combine both Australia and New Zealand.

Visit: Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), New Zealand.

Bermuda and Caribbean

Private Charter to The Caribbean

Soft sand that brushes up against your toes and turquoise sea that is refreshing, but not too cold to swim in await you. You can snorkel and scuba dive at all times of the year and the perennial sunshine is tempered by cool tradewinds to the right degree for maximum warmth and comfort. You will find a romantic and fun paradise that spans more than one million square miles of sea dotted with hundreds of islands of every conceivable size, shape and level of sophistication. There is truly an island to suit everyone’s taste and desires.

Visit: Anguilla, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands.


Private Charter to Canada

Gorgeous scenery, cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages beckon visitors to Canada. The Canadian Rockies offer opportunities for hiking, horseback riding and wildlife-viewing. Stroll the picturesque inner harbor of Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia. Delight in the old-world architecture and French character of Quebec City, North America’s only walled city. And in the provinces of Atlantic Canada, explore tiny fishing villages and enjoy abundant fresh seafood.

Visit: Alberta, British Columbia (Vancouver), Ontario (Toronto), Quebec (Montreal, Quebec City).

Central and South America

Private Charter to South America

The beautiful sights of this continent range from lush rain forests, towering waterfalls and brightly feathered macaws to snowcapped mountains, fjords and penguin colonies. You’ll learn of lost cities, ancient civilizations and time-honored crafts, and explore such glittering places as Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. From the intriguing Amazon jungle and the enigmatic Machu Picchu to the fascinating Galapagos Islands, you’re sure to have a vacation like no other.

Visit: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Belize, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela.


Private Charter to Europe

From the cool drama of Scandinavia to the sultry Mediterranean, Europe offers a bewitching array of travel experiences. Enjoy discoveries that never end – romance of historic cities, glorious food and wine, activities and events to match your passions, and warm European hospitality.

Visit: Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland, France (Paris, Provence), Germany (Berlin), Greece (Athens), Iceland, Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, Sicily, Tuscany, Venice), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Slovenia, Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Sweden, Switzerland (Geneva, St. Moritz), Turkey (Istanbul), United Kingdom (England, London, Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Wales).


Private Charter to Mexico

Mexico is a large country whose territory encompasses mountains, lakes, desert and thousands of miles of seacoast. The coastline, some parts with slick and luxurious resorts and other areas still pristine, enchants countless visitors every year as do the old silver mining towns nestled in the Sierra Madre mountain range that runs roughly north and south through the center of the country.

Visit: Mexico City.

Middle East

Private Charter to The Middle East

Israel, perfectly located at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia and Africa, is a world-class destination for sophisticated travelers. Israel offers cultural attractions on a par with Europe, the U.S. and Canada, luxury hotels, glamorous spas and a hot restaurant scene – all within an atmosphere that combines the very ancient with the ultra high-tech, and the exotic with the contemporary.

Visit: Israel.


Private Charter to U.S. Destinations

Itineraries in the United States are as diverse as its heritage, with something for every interest and budget. Explore the grand old cities of the South in spring, when dogwood and azaleas are in full bloom. Take in the spectacular colors of New England in fall. Get to the heart of America’s musical roots on a tour linking Chicago, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. Relax in the wine country of Northern California, cruise the Great Lakes of the Midwest, and bring plenty of film for a visit to the Southwest’s unique landscapes and amazing canyons.

Visit : Any of the 50 states!


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