About Rectrix

Rectrix Aviation

The whole world of travel is at your fingertips with our superior private jet charter service. In June 2009, Rectrix Aviation, Inc. acquired worldwide jet operating authority with the purchase of the New World Jet Corporation (Air Carrier Certificate #6RXA771M). Flights are tailored to meet your personal travel needs. Whether it’s the privacy to conduct business or the desire to just relax, Rectrix simplifies your travel needs. Fly where you want, when you want, in comfort and security aboard our luxuriously appointed jets. You arrive at the airport just prior to departure and our service to regional airports puts you closer to your final destination. Our in-flight crews are highly trained and experienced, and our FAA licensed maintenance crews ensure the highest standards of safety and security. Traveling by private jet has never been more cost effective. Rectrix also provides aircraft management services.

So if privacy, convenience, comfort, and security sound like the perfect way to travel, then Rectrix Aviation is the only way to fly!

Rectrix Aerodrome Centers (FBOs)

Our first-class fixed base operations are home to some of the most sophisticated flight departments in the industry. Spacious and stylish, Rectrix private terminals have luxurious passenger lounges and aircrew amenities. All Aerodromes provide full aircraft handling capabilities for transient or based aircraft needs. Our innovative Rectrix Hangarminiums ™ offer owners all the benefits of hangar ownership without any of the issues traditionally associated with FBOs.

Corporate Aircraft Maintenance

Rectrix MRO has been recognized by its customers and peers as a leader in corporate aircraft maintenance and is a Federal Aviation Administration Authorized Part 145 Repair Station (QFYR349K & QFYD349K). Specializing in Challenger 300/600, Gulfstream, Falcon 50, Hawker, Citation, Lear, Beechjet, and King Air aircraft, our capabilities have no limitation. From scheduled inspections to engine swaps, RVSM qualified pitot static and transponder testing, or aircraft weighs, we have the experience and ability to accomplish your every need.

Ground Handling and Into-Plane

Our aviation support services are not limited to corporate and general aviation. In fact, our airline servicing division provides ground handling, ticketing, into-plane fueling, deicing and line maintenance services to airlines across the country and is one of the fastest growing operating units within Rectrix. Whether you are interested in above-wing servicing by our friendly guest service representatives or in need of efficient and economical ramp operations, Rectrix is able to accommodate all of your outsourced airline support needs.


Why use “.aero” instead of “.com”?

“.aero” is exclusive for aviation use and was developed in response to the growing need for the aviation community to create a structured, open and constantly evolving Internet naming architecture which will help the aviation community to integrate systems and services, and streamline communications within the community and with its partners. The “.aero” suffix signifies you are in the aviation business.

I can’t even keep count of how many times this place has gone above and beyond for us. Rectrix makes us wish were based out of SRQ! Great staff and fuel prices, nice facility, lots of cookies and coffee – what more could a pilot ask for?

Derek V.