Rectrix entered the aviation industry in 2005 when its owners realized a need for hangar space for large cabin aircraft on Cape Cod. In September 2005, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers opened its first FBO facility at Barnstable Municipal Airport and quickly became known as New England's Premier Aviation Facility. For over ten years, Rectrix FBO's have consistently been voted as having some of the best facilities throughout the country. Our values have been the same day one: Safety, Experience, Reliability. At Rectrix, we make it our mission to provide our customers with the very best service in the industry!

Innovation in private aviation

Through their vision and resolve, Rectrix opened the doors of our first FBO that same year at Barnstable Municipal Airport (KHYA). For over a decade, our KHYA facility has been a shining example of the Rectrix brand and the level of service that we are recognized for, thanks to our hard working employees.

Rectrix Aerodrome Centers

Rectrix expanded its FBO operations by opening its Sarasota-Bradenton Int’l Airport (KSRQ) facility in 2008. In a few short years, Rectrix SRQ had captured the majority of the market share and was serving a wide customer base – both transient and based tenants alike. Rectrix also innovated the HANGARMINIUM concept our SRQ location, allowing you to own your hangar.

In 2012, the Massachusetts Port Authority awarded Rectrix the opportunity to develop first-class FBO’s at the Laurence G. Hanscom Airport in Bedford (KBED) and the Worcester Regional Airport in Central Massachusetts (KORH). The decision was made to expand Rectrix’s operations and base both its corporate headquarters and flight departments at KBED and KORH.

In 2013, Rectrix acquired corporate aircraft maintenance company AirFlyte, Inc, which included a full-service executive terminal FBO and hangar facility at the Westfield Barnes Regional Airport (KBAF). This premier FBO provides customers with business suites, concierge services, crew lounge, quiet room and an executive conference center.

Rectrix Aviation

In 2009, Rectrix Aviation, Inc. acquired worldwide jet operating authority with the purchase of the New World Jet Corporation (Air Carrier Certificate #6RXA771M) and has since grown into the largest private air charter operator in New England. The charter operation, re-branded as Rectrix Aviation, Inc., enabled the company to offer private jet travel in a cost-effective manner by utilizing our own fleet of Lear 45 and Challenger 300 aircraft at our state-of-the-art private air terminals. With safety as our top priority, our highly-skilled pilots, crew, and maintenance technicians comply with the strictest FAA and regulatory requirement. Exceptional service is the core principle of how Rectrix operates, and the company is committed to growing the general aviation industry in Massachusetts and throughout the nation. Rectrix is proud to say we are an ARG/US Platinum rated carrier.

Safety | Experience | Reliability

Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services, Inc. are companies focused on the safety, quality, and service of its clients’ aircraft. Providing concise and exemplary services save you time, energy and money. Rectrix offers a wide range of products and services to suit your current and future aviation needs

Home Base

The fixed base operations provide Rectrix with the opportunity to offer a solid home base for many travelers and pilots as well as a unique and superior “private terminal” experience with exemplary service and refined facilities. The innovative HANGARMINIUM™ concept at KSRQ allows you to own and customize your own hangar space.

Experience and safety

Our in-flight crews are highly trained and experienced, and our FAA licensed maintenance crews ensure the highest standards of safety and security. Rectrix also provides aircraft
management services.